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Innovative Decking and Landscape Building

We believe in a practical approach to achieving high-quality decking that combines quality materials, innovative design, and cost-efficiency. Additionally, we excel in landscape building projects that enhance outdoor entertainment, including outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and pools, elevating your home's lifestyle appeal. Our amazing Papamoa-based builders are landscape building experts, and they love to see you enjoying the outdoors in style in your own back yard.

Decking Design Considerations

Functional Elements


Think about the step down from your deck, could this be flush with ground level, could your stairs be wider to give a more dramatic effect.

Built-in Seating

Simplify your outdoor living by having custom built in seating.


With Papamoa’s hot summers, creating sunshade in your back yard is essential. With a louvered pergola you can filter the sun and enjoy your deck all day long.

Swimming & Spa Pools

Build your deck around your pool to get a beautiful seamless finish. Planning on adding a spa pool, add reinforcing to the deck framing so it can go on top, no need for unattractive concrete pads. We can assist with everything from pool design and installation to fencing.

Aesthetics and Construction

Stain & Finish

Colour is everything, once you have decided on your timber look into the different ways to enhance or soften the natural timber colour.


Lighting can make a beautiful feature of your deck at night. Create ambiance sets the mood while you’re out enjoying the fresh summer air. Recess lights into the deck top or edge or add led stripes under the lip or stairs to get a floating look.


With so many fixing options available it is important to spend the time to pick the right one for your space. If you choose correctly, you won’t even see them.

Design Enhancements

Picture Framing

Soften the look of your deck edge by exploring frame options. Think picture frame or even mixing up the type of materials.

Built-in Planter Boxes

De-clutter your space by having built in planter boxes, get all the green without pots staining your decking.

Organic Edging

Garden or bolder in the way? Why not make a feature out of it, frame your deck around it to make a beautiful piece of art.

Ready to transform your outdoor living?

We pride ourselves on creating high-end decking and outdoor spaces without breaking the budget.