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Defining Your Renovation Design

When discussing homes with people, one common theme that arises is the desire to optimise space and enhance their living experience. To achieve the best from your builder, it’s important to have a clear vision for your project. Our Papamoa Spatial Design team can help you work through your home renovation design goals and set a clear outcome with the help of 2D plans, elevations, 3D renders, and mood boards.

Exploring your choices for your renovation design can illuminate any regrets and ensure you are investing your budget in the right areas to get the best results. Providing detailed specifications to the builder in advance ensures they are well-prepared, minimising project disruptions.

special planning

As a starting point, 2D planning your renovation design is about solving the puzzle of how each room comes together and interacts with the others in order to create your perfect space. It’s our favourite part of the process and done right it will bring a renewed life to your home.

Please note, if consent is required we can engage with an architect on your behalf.

Interior Design and colour consulting

Alongside Special Planning, this package includes mood boards – giving you the opportunity to explore colours, fabrics, finishes and furniture for your renovation design. It is a significant part of bringing each room in your home together with perfect cohesion.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen is an exciting project that lets you create a space tailored to your needs and preferences. It brings satisfaction as your vision comes to life, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. A beautifully renovated kitchen can also boost your home's value and market competitiveness when you sell.

Our in-house designer can assist you in navigating the design process and finding the best option for your home and your desired outcome for your kitchen space.

Bathroom Renovation

By updating your bathroom fixtures and amenities you can instantly enhance the space and make it more appealing. You can reconfigure the bathroom to improve flow, add storage solutions, or create a more efficient use of space. Upgrading the tiles, flooring, countertops, lighting, and paint in your bathroom can transform its overall appearance. The possibilities are endless.

Our design and build teams, located in Papamoa, collaborate to ensure your bathroom renovation is on budget and on time.

Add an Extra Bedroom

An additional bedroom gives you that extra space you have been needing. It offers more space for growing families or accommodating guests, ensuring everyone has a comfortable place to rest and relax. An extra bedroom can also be transformed into a home office, providing a dedicated workspace that enhances productivity and work-life balance. With the extra room you won’t outgrow your existing home too quickly.

At Tuit Design and Build, we solve the puzzle of how to best add an extra bedroom to your home. We can guide you through the consent process and manage the other trades that are needed to complete your build project easily and painlessly.

The spatial design of the house is crucial to the enjoyment of those living there and the design of the home can welcome you with warmth and beauty. Your dream home is just a design away.

Ready to transform your space?

Our Spatial Design team can guide you on the best options for your home.